United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Middlesex Borough Projects

The following describes the USACE activities scheduled in Middlesex until approximately 2025. All these areas involve the Bound Brook Stream


B1 - This project should be closed out by the end of this year. This project raised the Sebring’s Mill Bridge, which we call the Green Brook Bridge, erected flood ways as high as 14’ , and established a pump station just east of the bridge. This project covered Barbara Place, Louis Avenue, Weiss Drive and part of Starlit Drive. Note: Residents in that area should not put their grass clipping in the drainage ditch as I received a letter from the Mosquito Commission warning of standing water in those areas and it could also impede the movement of the water toward the pump station.

B2 - This is a 500’ extension of B1 and involves floodwalls along Starlit Drive. This is due to be done in 2016.

B3 – This covers a 1,500’ section on the west side of the Bound Brook Stream from the American Legion to approximately the Library parking lot. The project involves levees, pump station, and flood walls. This is expected to be done in 2016.

B4 – This section completes the remaining floodwalls in the area around Union Avenue and buyouts

B5 – Levees pending FUSRAP resolution.

C -  Levees, flood walls, 3 pumps and railroad culverts that is due in 2017.

C/D – Levees, floodwalls, 2 pumps.

South Lincoln Avenue Bridge – At this point I asked them to look as four different scenarios for the bridge. No matter which way they go there will be gates across South Lincoln Avenue.

H-   The USACE contractor, E4 Science, will be conducting geotechnical boring and surveys of approximately 200 homes plus the landfill studies. If you are involved you will receive a letter called “Right of Entry” which gives the right to enter you property and perform their studies. I recommend you sign the letter as it also explains your rights if any damage is done. I recommended similar signing by those people in the ground water project. You will see a strange looking vehicle (picture attached) being used doing the E4 Science work.

Non-Structural/Flood Proofing at various locations

Municipal Landfill (37 Acres) – Based on a 2011 preliminary assessment the landfill was added to the FUSRAP program in 2014. A trailer was placed on Mountain Avenue in front of the landfill and the contractor was doing the soil analysis throughout the landfill and in the Pershing Avenue area where we planned to put our after-burners for the methane gas.

Middlesex Sampling Plant (9.6 Acres), commonly known as the “Marine Base” is a federal owned site. The USEPA requested a bed rock ground water study to delineate contamination underlying at this site. This was expanded just to insure t no leaching occurred north of the site. This study is just about completed. A sizable amount of rainwater runoff seeps into the ground to become ground water. Ground water is the primary drinking water source for half of the State’s population.

Note: When segments B2-5 and possibly segment H are completed the 150 year level of protection will be achieved. Resident at that time can complete the paper work for flood insurance reduction or elimination, but remember this could also be part of the bank’s mortgage.

Ronald S. Dobies

Mayor, Middlesex Borough

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