Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Middlesex Board of Health provides the services of a registrar of vital statistics to assist you in obtaining the following items:

Death Certificates and Birth Certificates

Death certificates and birth certificates are only available in Middlesex for those individuals who actually died or were born in Middlesex Borough. In order to obtain these certificates for individuals who were born or died in a medical facility one must contact the registrar of the town where the medical facility is located.

Marriage Licenses

If the bride is a resident of New Jersey then the marriage license must be obtained from the registrar of the municipality in which she resides. If she is not a resident of the State the application should be made in the town where the groom lives. If both the bride and groom are non-residents the license must be obtained from the registrar where the marriage is to be performed.

The local registrar cannot issue the marriage license until 72 hours after the application. The Middlesex registrars recommend the application be started approximately three weeks prior to the ceremony as the license is valid for thirty (30) days after it is issued.

Individuals seeking a marriage license should call the registrars at 732-356-7400 extension 238 to schedule an appointment for the application. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM – 11AM. 

When the application is made individuals should bring the following items with them: Proof and residency and age, divorce decree and/or death certificates, if applicable, a witness over the age of 18 that knows both the bride and groom, and $28.00 (exact change). Also, the applicant must provide the name of the officiate presiding over the ceremony and their contact information (both address and telephone number). If the bride and groom are not available at the same time for application separate appointments can be made, but the same witness must attend both meetings.

Following a marriage ceremony certified copies of the marriage can be obtained from the registrar from the municipality where the ceremony occurred. Certified copies may be needed to change names at motor vehicle and social security, as well as at other agencies. In order to obtain a certified copy call the registrar to be sure the copy can be obtained in Middlesex. At the time the certified copy is issued you will have to supply satisfactory proof of identity, $10.00 exact change for each copy, and complete a short application form.

In our changing times access to certain information has become more difficult and cumbersome. The Middlesex Registrars will try to make this process as painless as possible. If you have any questions regarding vital statistics and obtaining information please call the registrars at the Board of Health.

November 7, 2013
Board of Health November 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes
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